Content Writing for Your Website

Ensure your web site remains relevant, valuable, and SEO-friendly.

How important is “content”?   

The new mantra is “nobody reads.”  That’s not totally true.  There are two levels of content your website needs to have:


Short compelling “Sticky Words©” that ENGAGE visitors quickly so they – stop – think – and want to know more. Then the design kicks in to take them to places that should sell on doing business with.


Details, details, details!  People don’t like to read much, but the “bots” – robot scanners used by search engines DO. They “like” LOTS of information – about your company, staff, products and services that you offer.  The more they like YOUR heavy-informational words, the more likely it is your website will be found AND then seen by as many visitors as possible.

Why do People look ONLINE?

This is America, we have made shopping a major lifestyle need. Visitors are LOOKING for something and depending on what you sell, they may be desperately in need of something you sell.

Think about web and social media visitors – they are “SEARCHERS”:

  • Why do people look for plumbers, electricians, car dealers, wedding halls, content writers?
    They NEED something done!
  • Why do people look at auction sites, retail sites, online suppliers, education/training “gurus?”
    They WANT to acquire knowledge and BUY something.
  • Why do people continue to shop for “stuff?”
    They want “newer,” “better,” “cheaper,” “more reliable” and especially “cooler” resources for things they want or buy regularly.

Expert Copywriting Services

Our copywriting and SEO experts collaborate to produce engaging content that appeals to search engines and readers alike. Every business has a story to tell, websites included!  At Ultradata, we work with only the best creative business writer with extensive and successful experience writing everything – to inform, educate, and inspire with a story.  We will work with you and Charisma PR from concept to completion, transforming your ideas into compelling content for your website.

Charisma PR

“It doesn’t matter where or how often your message is delivered – or even how much you spend on things like SEO for online efforts to get “found.”  We practice the art and science of creating messages – WORDS whether online, written or spoken.  Our business is to make YOUR story so strong that the people who receive it ACT.   We provide the push that gets your phone to ring.” – Andy Chiodo

Your website doesn’t need to cost tens of thousands of dollars,

it just needs to look like it does.

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