Your website is a valuable business asset.

Why not treat it like one? Our team offers protection and assurance.

Were here to help.   After your website is up and running at peak performance, it should be maintained regularly. While we are happy to service your website at our hourly rate, we have put together some money saving plans to better serve our clients. With our monthly care plan, you will have peace of mind with your website and a discount on all of our services.

Please note that term Content Management includes adding new content (text, images, banners), the changing of content to your website pages, the posting to a social media outlet such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc., and the assistance of posting of a blog article to your website.   This time can also be used to help manage your digital marketing programs such as email campaigns, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising management and various other WordPress maintenance tasks.  Each task performed is a minimum of 30 minutes used regardless of time consumed.  Any time not used for the given month is lost.   Any additional support time is billed at $95/hour.  See the toggle below for a more expanded explanation.

Additional explanation of the term "Content Management" and what it can be used for...

Content Management time can be used for the following:

Hosting (if we provide):

  • Backing up files and databases
  • Restoring files and database backups
  • Managing the files and databases on the server (includes freeing up space, deleting old databases, etc.)
  • Managing domain settings
  • Managing email settings (includes forwarding options, setting up MX records, setting up new accounts, etc.)
  • Managing SSL certificates and dedicated IP address
  • Fixing any bugs related to hosting upgrades


  • Installing or updating plugins
  • Updating themes
  • Updating child-themes
  • Performing scheduled backups
  • Adjusting any WordPress or plugin configuration
  • Applying WordPress platform minor and major version updates
  • Updating or adding site content (static pages, product information, company information, personal information, uploading images, etc.)
  • Prevention and/or removal of malware and other security threats

Email Marketing and Pay Per Clicks (PPC):

  • Research; Adding new keywords ( text, images, banners)
  • Project management
  • Keyword enhancement
  • Promotional updates and changes
  • Newsletters, offers, and special announcements
  • Seasonal content updates
  • Maintaining campaigns and consulting

Social Media Marketing:

  • Updating or posting content to given social media outlets

Additional Support Time Pricing

We prefer that you are under a Website Care Plan,  however you may purchase time bundles instead and work from that block of time, then whenever you need more support, just chose from the additional hours below to add to your account:

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We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our services or anything else for that matter.  We love to talk shop!

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