Expenses are COSTS for something that does NOT directly produce income.  They are purchases for “necessary evils” for things like copy paper. 

Investments are expected to generate ROI – PROFIT – over time and require support and maintenance.  Buildings, operating equipment and salespeople need updating, new contents, new materials to produce profits.

Your Website as an Investment. You expect your website to help produce Profit – So why treat it as a Cost and not an investment?  

Just like all the other investments that help generate PROFIT, your website needs to be strategically designed to provide visitors with the best look and content to gain their interest and get them to consider BUYING from you. It also needs to be updated, maintained and improved on a continuing basis to continue to impress potential buyers to do business with you – and keep current customers happy with you.

Investing in a well-designed website with great content gives you the best chance to generate PROFITS. Do your research, talk to a great designer and a great copywriter and understand that even the best website will need updating to stay relevant and productive – new content, blogs, new pictures, new design, new email campaigns and more.

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