Back in the Day

Web Designers – Art

Used to just concentrate on looks  – created the layout and other visual elements of the website

Web Developers – Code

Used “hard core” software – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP  and others – to bring make functional websites

Issues for Clients

  • You had to work with TWO separate people/groups get a usable website.
  • Changes were tough to make – and cost a FORTUNE (New artwork AND new coding)
  • You were “Stuck” with the designer and the developer – THEY basically had complete control over YOUR website. Artwork had to be changed by the “Design people” and the “Development people” controlled the code.

These days – life has changed! 

WordPress has changed the way the world works!  Everything is easy to understand – doesn’t demand fancy art design OR code changes.

  • ONE designer/developer “does it all” for your website
  • BASED on PHP, but you don’t need a “coder”
  • Thousands of themes (designs) are available
  • Pictures, blogs, changes – all EASY and simple to add
  • YOU “Own” your website – no longer “stuck”


That’s Why YOU should Use US!

Ultradata Research uses WordPress and has the capability to provide clients with literally hundreds of different themes that would work well for them.

“Custom” isn’t a code word for “hideously expensive” any more.  You pick the “look” you want, and the “coding” is done by WordPress (although we do add touches to make sure your site is “found” by Google and other web browsers.) 

Come see what we can do for YOU!


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